The One Day Old Chick.


When it comes to eating street food here in the Philippines, I eat everything… except this. Yes, anything else, except this.

So it’s basically a newly hatched egg, rejected by poultry farms and then sold (mostly males). The female ones (which lay eggs) are the more ‘preferred’ ones. So mostly those that never saw sunrise again, are mostly, yes, males.

They marinate it, fry it, and put it on stick. Dip in suka (vinegar), and you are ready to go. One whole fried chicken in one bite!

I don’t know if there’s a way to check if it is male or female after frying but if ever you see a female one-day-old chick, just throw it away. Chances are, it may be a ‘botcha’. 🙂

Rodic’s No more

Photo: Rodic’s famous beef tapa in UP Diliman when it was still open.

When the Rodic’s branch burned down along with the Shopping Center (SC) in UP Diliman, the legacy of the original Rodic’s went down also. Takam na takam pa namang tikman ni misis ang kanilang beef tapa. So we ended up buying at the Philcoa branch and to our dismay, mahal na, di pa masarap. Sayang.